April 2015 – Hauʻoli Lā Hānau

Aloha and Welcome to April 2015

If you have been following my blog, I apologize for the tardiness.  This has been a very busy beginning of the month because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!   Believe me when I say Birthday Month! I love my birthday, call it “All about me”, WHATEVER!  I have always loved my birthday.  Growing up in my family, birthdays were always special.  A special dinner, presents, you were the special person for the day.  In our Hawaiian custom, from the moment the child celebrates their first birthday it is a big celebration, a luau, with lots of food, family, friends and entertainment.  The belief was that we celebrate that the child has made it through the first year; it is a celebration and a thank you to the Gods.   Today, the custom continues and for me it has continued even into my “Golden Years” a good friend said,   “We need to enjoy our 60ʻs because we are in the youth of our old age.  How awesome is that!  So, I celebrate my youth by enjoying my birthday not for just a day, but a week and then some.

In the past week, I was fortunate to spend time with family and friends because here in Hilo we celebrated the 51st celebration of Merrie Monarch.  A joyous time of hula, music, crafts and ono food, it is something that I always look forward to.  Not only because of the above but because my family gather to watch and participate.  This year was especially delightful because my daughter in law, my granddaughter and grandson all danced in the competition.   I was very proud of them as I sat there moved by the beauty of the dance, the spirituality of the oli and the nahenahe of the music.  Sitting at the competition, I watched and listened, not just with my eyes and ears but with my whole being.   Experiencing the colors, the movements, the sounds from the inside, feeling it in your naʻau, your heart – it was almost a little painful but just too moving for words.

So this month, for those of you who are following my blog, I wish to share with you my birthday wishes, I hope you can take the time to experience the beauty and fullness that music and dance can bring to your life.   HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU!  TO ALL OF YOU


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