Join Kamaolipua in a retreat that will immerse you in the culture of her heritage.  This retreat is an experience of living in ʻohana and aloha.  The journey will begin with a ceremonial immersion into the kai- sea and will continue with teachings and cultural practices throughout your stay with her.  The retreat will culminate with a closing ceremony at the crater of Kilauea and the preparation of a luau with the native foods of her family.  There will be a hoʻike or exhibition of your new knowledge learned during this time.  The retreat will be held in her home and together you will learn chants, lei making, sacred circle, hula, sacred ceremony and practices and other cultural teachings.  Join Kamaolipua and Wailana as they share their family traditions and teachings.  Space is limited and this workshop is FOR WOMEN ONLY.  Call today to reserve your space.

COST: $500.00 which includes most meals and  5 nights lodging. ( Rooms are shared)  Also includes most supplies for activities.   ( Does not include airfare and ground transportation )

For more information contact Kamaolipua at 2gracefulguidance@gmail.com or call her at (808)938-9823.

Times and Dates:  Two sessions:

1st Session  -Begins the evening of March 07 and ends the morning of March 12, 2017

2nd Session – Begins the evening of March 14 and ends the morning of March 19, 2017

An Introduction to Hoʻoponopono in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

Mahalo to nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.  Such a wonderful afternoon of deep reflection and sharing.  The start of hoʻoponopono.  Maikaʻi nui loa.



Living in the Spirit of Aloha and Hula in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

It was a wonderful time of sun, hula, mele and sharing of the Hawaiian culture.  Mahalo to all the nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

Nā Wahine Hula

Nā Wahine Hula

Graceful and uʻi

Graceful and uʻi



Ka lei kukui Ki

Ka lei kukui Ki



Ka ʻIke

Are you new to the islands?  Would you like to learn more about Hawaiʻi and your host culture?  Kumu Kamaolipua introduces you to practices, concepts, history and much more.  Groups meet once a month of two (2) hours to learn oli-chant, make lei, try local foods and much more.  An introduction to her traditions and ka ʻike – knowledge is shared in these monthly classes.  Call Kamaolipua today for more information of dates, times and location.

Cost: $10 per class


Wise Women Circles in Hilo

Join Kamaolipua as she Ka Hakuʻs – facilitates this sacred and spiritual  womenʻs circle.  Using the principals and practices of Kamaolipuaʻs native culture, women are asked to step into their elder hood and share the wisdom of their experiences.   In this circle of Aloha, women come to this safe and supportive space to be part of an experience greater than themselves.  It is a vehicle for taking that sacred journey of discovering and awakening the elder within all of us and in the process you will uncover many beautiful gifts and truths in the process.  Let the wisdom of the circle assist you in this journey.

Cost: Suggested aloha donation of $5.  Time: 4:00pm- 6:30pm   Location : Hilo, HI .  Call for specific dates and location.  For Women Only  Meeting once a month


An Introduction to Hoʻoponopono in Half Moon Bay, CA

January 15, 2017 10:00am-5:00pm

Of the many practices passed down to the Hawaiian people is the art of Hoʻoponopono.  A highly effective peacemaking process for families whose emotions have become so entangled that forgiveness is impossible.  In todays stress filled way of living, this practice provided resolution to families and extended ʻohana in a simple and acceptable way.   As individuals we find ourselves in highly charged and emotional situations leaving us feeling confused and stuck.  Kamaolipua will introduce you to some basic concepts of this practice.  She will ask you to go deep within and look at yourself from a new perspective.  To experience this process, you will be asked to remain open because every step is an awakening.  Join Kamaolipua and take this journey of discover.

Cost: $80. cost includes supplies   Location at Half Moon Bay, CA


The Spirit of Aloha and Hula in Half Moon Bay, CA

January 14, 2017 10:00am-5:00pm

Hula is the language of Aloha. Join Kumu Kamaolipua as she shares her knowledge of the culture, values and traditions the surround hula and the spirit of aloha.  Stories and wisdom from her ancestors, elders and teachers will bring participants to a more authentic meaning of Aloha.  Students will learn a oli or chant, a hula and craft a sacred lei.  A hoʻike or exhibition of their knowledge will be exhibited at the end of the day.  Join Kamaolipua and be immersed in the spirit of Aloha and Hula.

Cost: $80  Cost includes all supples  Location at Half Moon Bay, CA

May 23-24, 2015 Seattle Workshop SPECIAL!

The Hoʻokipa Workshop is coming soon to Seattle and I am excited and looking forward to sharing the stories, culture and spirit of the Islands.  Join me for a very special offer, for a limited time I am offering a “Bring a Friend Special”  for the price of one you can bring a friend and both of you can share in this inspiring experience.  Space is limited, so contact me today.   You can email me at 2gracefulguidance@gmail.com.

As a reminder, the workshop is on May 23-24 Saturday and Sunday 9-5:00pm.  For this limited time Cost is $308-$488 (sliding scale) for 2 people, so share this opportunity with a friend.
Looking forward to spending time together. Let us dance, chant and create in the Spirit of Aloha.


April 2015 – Hauʻoli Lā Hānau

Aloha and Welcome to April 2015

If you have been following my blog, I apologize for the tardiness.  This has been a very busy beginning of the month because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!   Believe me when I say Birthday Month! I love my birthday, call it “All about me”, WHATEVER!  I have always loved my birthday.  Growing up in my family, birthdays were always special.  A special dinner, presents, you were the special person for the day.  In our Hawaiian custom, from the moment the child celebrates their first birthday it is a big celebration, a luau, with lots of food, family, friends and entertainment.  The belief was that we celebrate that the child has made it through the first year; it is a celebration and a thank you to the Gods.   Today, the custom continues and for me it has continued even into my “Golden Years” a good friend said,   “We need to enjoy our 60ʻs because we are in the youth of our old age.  How awesome is that!  So, I celebrate my youth by enjoying my birthday not for just a day, but a week and then some.

In the past week, I was fortunate to spend time with family and friends because here in Hilo we celebrated the 51st celebration of Merrie Monarch.  A joyous time of hula, music, crafts and ono food, it is something that I always look forward to.  Not only because of the above but because my family gather to watch and participate.  This year was especially delightful because my daughter in law, my granddaughter and grandson all danced in the competition.   I was very proud of them as I sat there moved by the beauty of the dance, the spirituality of the oli and the nahenahe of the music.  Sitting at the competition, I watched and listened, not just with my eyes and ears but with my whole being.   Experiencing the colors, the movements, the sounds from the inside, feeling it in your naʻau, your heart – it was almost a little painful but just too moving for words.

So this month, for those of you who are following my blog, I wish to share with you my birthday wishes, I hope you can take the time to experience the beauty and fullness that music and dance can bring to your life.   HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU!  TO ALL OF YOU


NEW FOR 2015 ! Workshops in Seattle, WA.


Join me as I bring to Seattle, Washington a series of workshops called  LIVING IN THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA.   You will be introduced to the true meaning of Aloha through the practice of an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Hoʻokipa.  The series continues with workshop II and the teaching of an ancient Hawaiian peacemaking process for families and groups, called Hoʻoponopono.  This workshop will focus on learning to be a facilitator in the process.  You will be asked to look within and discover new paradigms about yourself.  The final workshop III, will take you to Hawaii Island, where you will be immersed in the Hawaiian culture and given the opportunity to integrate your new knowledge in practice and ceremony.  Seats are limited so visit my workshop page for more information and to sign up today.  I look forward to seeing you in Seattle, WA.


Ahonui- means:

“Definition: patience, patient, enduring, long suffering, to tolerate. Literal meaning: great breath.”
Hawaiian Dictionary, Mary K. Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert

Ahonui is a very special word. Being patient and tolerant is often a difficult thing to do. But isn’t it interesting how ahonui also means “long suffering “as well as the literal meaning of  “great breath”. Ahonui is a reminder that when we are faced with situations and people who have challenged our patience and tolerance, we must take a great breath and reflect on why we are feeling impatient or intolerant. A deep breath, the ha – our breath of life will remind us that we are all one, so we must be ahonui with others as well as ourselves.


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