Join Kamaolipua in a retreat that will immerse you in the culture of her heritage.  This retreat is an experience of living in ʻohana and aloha.  The journey will begin with a ceremonial immersion into the kai- sea and will continue with teachings and cultural practices throughout your stay with her.  The retreat will culminate […]

An Introduction to Hoʻoponopono in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

Mahalo to nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.  Such a wonderful afternoon of deep reflection and sharing.  The start of hoʻoponopono.  Maikaʻi nui loa.

Living in the Spirit of Aloha and Hula in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

It was a wonderful time of sun, hula, mele and sharing of the Hawaiian culture.  Mahalo to all the nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.


  Ka ʻIke Are you new to the islands?  Would you like to learn more about Hawaiʻi and your host culture?  Kumu Kamaolipua introduces you to practices, concepts, history and much more.  Groups meet once a month of two (2) hours to learn oli-chant, make lei, try local foods and much more.  An introduction to […]

May 23-24, 2015 Seattle Workshop SPECIAL!

The Hoʻokipa Workshop is coming soon to Seattle and I am excited and looking forward to sharing the stories, culture and spirit of the Islands.  Join me for a very special offer, for a limited time I am offering a “Bring a Friend Special”  for the price of one you can bring a friend and […]

April 2015 – Hauʻoli Lā Hānau

Aloha and Welcome to April 2015 If you have been following my blog, I apologize for the tardiness.  This has been a very busy beginning of the month because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!   Believe me when I say Birthday Month! I love my birthday, call it “All about me”, WHATEVER!  I have always loved […]


NEW FOR 2015 ! Workshops in Seattle, WA.

Join me as I bring to Seattle, Washington a series of workshops called  LIVING IN THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA.   You will be introduced to the true meaning of Aloha through the practice of an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Hoʻokipa.  The series continues with workshop II and the teaching of an ancient Hawaiian peacemaking process […]

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Ahonui- means:

“Definition: patience, patient, enduring, long suffering, to tolerate. Literal meaning: great breath.” Hawaiian Dictionary, Mary K. Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert  Ahonui is a very special word. Being patient and tolerant is often a difficult thing to do. But isn’t it interesting how ahonui also means “long suffering “as well as the literal meaning of  “great […]

Pono and Pu

Kuleana – means:

Definition: “nvt. Right, privilege, concern, responsibility, title , business, property, estate, portion, jurisdiction, authority, liability, interest, claim, ownership, tenure, affair, province, reason, cause, function, justification…” Hawaiian Dictionary – M.K. Pukui & S.H. Elbert The language of my kupuna (ancestor, grandparent, relative or close friend) is a melting pot of meanings. Unlike the English language, the […]


Hawaiian Word of the Week – ALOHA

“Definition: love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy,  kindness, sentiment, grace, charity, greetings, salutation, regards, sweetheart, lover, beloved, kind, charitable, pity. Hawaiian Dictionary – M.K. Pukui & S.H. Elbert There are many definitions of the word aloha, but, in our modern society of today, what does the word Aloha really mean?  Hawai‘i is branded with the term, […]

Reflections from Kamaolipua – 6/3/12

With Mother’s Day come and gone, it gave me a chance to reflect on what it means to be a mother. It reminded me of not only my mother but other mothers in my life that shared the common bond of motherhood. We always talk about how we are influenced by our mothers or mother […]