Hawaiian Ceremonies

Hawaiian Weddings

A touch of aloha will make your wedding special. I, Diane Kamaolipua  am an ordained Hawaii minister, well-versed in the practices of a Hawaiian Wedding. Searle Wailana brings the native instrument, the ohe hano ihu or nose flute, to provide the essence of the land and it’s beauty.  The sharing of the Hawaiian lei or garland represents an everlasting bond that occurs with this special ceremony.

A sampling of the rituals we can perform for your wedding:

  • Hawaiian Sand Ceremony:  The blending of sands signifies the combining of two individuals and their families. We all become one in harmony.
  • Hawaiian Lei Ceremony:  The lei is a symbol of affection and love. This ceremony embodies the everlasting bond of two people.
  • Hawaiian ‘Umeke (bowl) Ceremony: The ‘umeke is a vessel that will hold the love and spirit of the people.

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Blessings for Homes and Businesses

Our culture believes that if you’re about to move into a home, it is essential to cleanse and bless the new environment. Attracting positive and loving energy to your home is achieved with the Hawaiian Blessing. We can bless your house with the spiritual protection that comes from the land itself.

We also offer this service to businesses and offices. There is no better way to start a new enterprise on the island than with a traditional blessing ceremony. By doing this, you show your commitment to Hawaii, its people, its culture.  A prosperous start for your business or company.

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