Graceful Life Coaching

Diane Kamaolipua Grace

Your coach, Diane Kamaolipua

Initial Evaluation Session

It all starts with you. With so much happening in our lives, we often forget to check in on ourselves. That’s what this initial evaluation is for. We step back from the chaos and try to answer the big questions:

    • What are your hopes, dreams, and goals? What is the life that you want?
    • What specifically is missing from your life now?
    • What is most important to you? How about in your career, family, and personal life?
    • Are there dreams or goals that you would like to achieve?
    • Do you wish you could own a home?
    • Do you wish you knew how to budget and manage your monthly expenses?

By answering these questions, it’s like taking a blurry picture and sharpening it into focus. This will allow us to clearly see the obstacles, opportunities, and necessary action steps. Notice that I said “us.” That’s right, I will be taking this journey with you. You will never be alone.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Life coaching is a proven, real-world system for tapping into the full potential that we all have on the inside. This is an important point: the solution is already in you, right now. My job is to help you find and unleash the total person I know you’re capable of being.

There are tools and techniques I will teach you that can start applying to your life. For example, there are self-defeating beliefs that hold you back. You’ll learn how to eliminate them. On the other hand, there are emotional triggers that can spark your unique creativity, as well as boost your productivity. You’ll learn to tap into that inner source that will provide a wealth of ideas to reach your goals and your potential. These are all resources that are within you and you will learn how to tap into them.

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