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Ahonui- means:

“Definition: patience, patient, enduring, long suffering, to tolerate. Literal meaning: great breath.” Hawaiian Dictionary, Mary K. Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert  Ahonui is a very special word. Being patient and tolerant is often a difficult thing to do. But isn’t it interesting how ahonui also means “long suffering “as well as the literal meaning of  “great […]

Pono and Pu

Kuleana – means:

Definition: “nvt. Right, privilege, concern, responsibility, title , business, property, estate, portion, jurisdiction, authority, liability, interest, claim, ownership, tenure, affair, province, reason, cause, function, justification…” Hawaiian Dictionary – M.K. Pukui & S.H. Elbert The language of my kupuna (ancestor, grandparent, relative or close friend) is a melting pot of meanings. Unlike the English language, the […]


Hawaiian Word of the Week – ALOHA

“Definition: love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy,  kindness, sentiment, grace, charity, greetings, salutation, regards, sweetheart, lover, beloved, kind, charitable, pity. Hawaiian Dictionary – M.K. Pukui & S.H. Elbert There are many definitions of the word aloha, but, in our modern society of today, what does the word Aloha really mean?  Hawai‘i is branded with the term, […]