About our Workshops…

“The Aloha spirit has become more real and vital to me because of the Ho‘okipa workshop.”
Pam  G. – retired
“From the moment this workshop started I felt we were in the hands of master teachers, we were able to do things I wouldn’t have thought possible. It was supremely organized, the timing was perfect, the activities varied and a fabulous spirit of Aloha, Love, warmth, acceptance, joy in giving, gentleness. It was fabulous.”
D. Carter – retired Educator
“I felt honored to be invited into the home of this Hawaiian couple and to meet their family. The experience of ohana, aloha and ho‘okipa left me inspired to share this with others.”
A.Taylor – retired Librarian
“Kamaolipua and Wailana provided a welcoming and loving environment to learn ho‘okipa – the art of aloha.  They share stories, customs and traditions of Hawaiian hospitality from the heart. I highly recommend their workshops to anyone who wants an authentic & educational experience – I realized things about my own family and traditions I hadn’t fully appreciated before.”
J. Evans – Graphic Designer
“Mahalo for inviting us to your home to experience the culture of Hawaii. I am very excited about what I learned.”
B. Leeds
“Wonderful Spiritual Experience.”
Katt S. – Business Manager
“Diane is an amazing Kumu! Her depth and breadth of Hawaiian knowledge/traditions is a blessing. This has been a fulfillment of my dreams…”
G. Dickson- Teacher Seattle, Washington
“Gave me a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian culture. This workshop is a wonderful introduction to Hawaiian customs. Thoroughly enjoyed learning how to read and speak the language?”
C. Burda – Encinito, Califorinia
“This was a wonderful workshop.  I felt it “fed” my body, mind, and soul with Hawaiian food, legends and chanting.  Mahalo for this beautiful experience.  It was transformative for me.”
Jan. B – Retired Educator
“I can’t recommend this workshop enough if you are interested in learning more of the Hawaiian culture. Kumu is very knowledgeable & the love of her people shines in her sharings.”
R. French – Realtor and Property Manager
“This was a very special experience – to be invited into a Hawaiian home where the culture was shared.”
H. Rexroad
“There is something wonderful that happens when a teacher is able to reach every person in their class.  In two days I learned Hawaiian philosophies, the language, the dance, how to make Hawaiian food and even lei making.  I also learned about the teacher, her family and each person in my class. We worked together, danced together, we cooked, we created and we ate together. We each grew through the experience and now we will be connected forever. I would recommend this workshop for both Kama‘aina and Malihini. Five Stars!”
Nancy W. – Business Owner
“A wonderful experience with many facets and activities that required a lot of preparation. Everything was covered and ready, allowing a very harmonious flow from one activity to the other. The teachers presence and patience was admirable. Plus a feeling of ease and a great sense of humor.  Mahalo”
J. Caron – Entrepreneur
“As a former counselor and activities director for many years at a community college, I was impressed by several things. I could tell that deep mindfulness and attention to detail had been brought to the creation of the curriculum. This resulted in a beautiful flow and a richness in meaningful learning experience.”
M. True – Retired Educator and Counselor
“Few people truly grasp the aloha spirit, especially visitors, this workshop offers the participant the opportunity to understand & appreciate that aloha is deeply rooted in Ho‘okipa and its myriad of practices. In two days you are vibrantly instructed in the spiritualiy and lifestyle that is the gift that Native Hawaiians give to the world. I completed the workshop and came away with feelings of belonging, gratitude, compassion and a new love for family, community and our creator. The entire workshop is greatly enhanced by the loving ministrations of both husband and wife, Wailana and Kamaolipua.”
D. Contres – Retired Educator
“This workshop was presented in a very personal way, a living link to history and culture. The benefits of the hands on activities were deeper than just going home with the lei, lepa, learning a hula, or chants  We helped, we connected, we flew. The pacing was good, the amount of story, the amount of hands on activities was perfect. Whew, what a memory building experience.”
C. Kent – Educator

About Coaching/Counseling by Diane…

“Diane – Thank you for your support and encouragement! It took us a while to get our home but we finally did it! Over the past year and a half, I’ve come to you for trusted and experienced advice and through it all you’ve been so patient.  Best part of all, is that we feel like we’ve made a new friend – God bless you and thanks again!”
Mr. & Mrs. P – Hilo, Hawaii