D. Kamaolipua Grace

 D. Kamaolipua Grace is a native Hawaiian, born and raised in the islands.  She shares her genuine love for her Hawaiian culture through her life work as a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Kumu - teacher, Kahu - Guardian of Spirit and ordained minister, Ka Haku Ho'oponopono- facilitator of the ancient mediation practice of Ho'oponopono, as well as a  professional  certified life coach and workshop facilitator. 

Intuitive Life Coach

Kamaolipua blends her Hawaiian cultural training as a Ka Haku Ho'oponopono with her experience as a certified life coach, providing a nurturing and empowering setting for her clients.  Her talk story style of coaching has been successful in helping people through life's challenges and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. 

Blessings for Home and Business

Through their Hawaiian cultural spiritual practices, Kamaolipua and Wailana Grace will provide blessings for new homes, land purchases and new businesses.  Call for more information

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