Find the Spirit of Aloha in Your Life

Are you looking for:

—A workshop that speaks to the deepest part of your soul?

—A proven method for unleashing your full potential?

—Deep healing of your body, mind and spirit?

—A wedding ceremony as eternal as the waves?

—A ceremony to bless your new home or business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Kamaolipua and Wailana Grace.
Let them introduce you to new perspectives and a way of living that can change your life.

  • Wonderful Spiritual Experience.

    — Katt S. – Business Manager

  • The Aloha spirit has become more real and vital to me because of the Ho‘okipa workshop.

    — Pam G. – retired

  • She lives aloha rather than just talking about it.

    — Kate H., Creative Therapist

  • Her dedication to deepening others' understanding is admirable.

    — C. Lily

  • I always feel better about myself, energized and blessed after being in her presence.

    — Cathy T.



Join Kamaolipua in a retreat that will immerse you in the culture of her heritage.  This retreat is an experience of living in ʻohana and aloha.  The journey will begin with a ceremonial immersion into the kai- sea and will continue with teachings and cultural practices throughout your stay with her.  The retreat will culminate […]

An Introduction to Hoʻoponopono in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

Mahalo to nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.  Such a wonderful afternoon of deep reflection and sharing.  The start of hoʻoponopono.  Maikaʻi nui loa.

Living in the Spirit of Aloha and Hula in Half Moon Bay – Jan. 2017

It was a wonderful time of sun, hula, mele and sharing of the Hawaiian culture.  Mahalo to all the nā wahine of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.


  • Workshops

    We facilitate workshops for emotional and spiritual exploration in a group setting. Join us as we incorporate the beauty of our Hawaiian heritage in these inspirational workshops. The teachings of our ancestors hold valuable lessons for each of us.  We share these truths and more in our workshops. The Wise Women’s Circles are safe spaces […]

  • Blessings for Homes and Businesses

    If you’re about to move into a home, it is essential to cleanse and bless the new environment. Attracting positive and loving energy to your home is achieved with the Hawaiian Blessing. We can bless your house with the spiritual protection that comes from the land itself. We also offer this service to businesses and offices. […]

  • Hawaiian Weddings

    A touch of aloha will make your wedding special. I, Diane Kamaolipua  am an ordained Hawaii minister, well-versed in the practices of a Hawaiian Wedding. Searle Wailana brings the native instrument, the ohe hano ihu or nose flute, to provide the essence of the land and it’s beauty.  The sharing of the Hawaiian lei or […]

  • Intuitive Life Coaching

    Life coaching is a proven, real-world system for tapping into the full potential that we all have on the inside. This is an important point: the solution is already in you, right now. My job is to help you find and unleash the total person I know you’re capable of being. There are tools and […]

  • ival IMG_6329

    Initial Evaluation Session

    It all starts with you. With so much happening in our lives, we often forget to check in on ourselves. That’s what this initial evaluation is for. We step back from the chaos and try to answer the big questions: What are your hopes, dreams, and goals? What is the life that you want? What […]